Ecogamut helping you achieve your sustainability goals

About Ecogamut

At Ecogamut we are strong believers in utilizing sustainability metrics to achieve your environmental, social and economic goals. By first measuring and quantifying your environmental impacts only then can you set meaningful and trackable objectives. Ecogamut aims to prove to you how effective sustainability metrics can be for your organization or community in achieving your most cherished visions. We strive to develop scalable services that can catalyze any and all sizes and types of organizations and communities in the pursuit of their sustainability pathway.

With our core services life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting and environmental management system development we assist you in measuring your environmental impact and to create realistically attainable goals to improve your environmental profile through a continuous improvement process. With our carbon offsetting service we connect your green projects to a carbon market unlocking an otherwise inaccessible revenue stream for your organization. With our climate change adaptation services our aim is to prepare communities and organizations for climate change by first understanding likely socioeconomic impacts due to a changing climate and then by realizing what adaptive measures can be undertaken to minimize the degree of damage attributed to future climate change.

Ecogamut's Values

  • Planet, People, Profits

    We do business through a sustainability lens to help our customers meet the triple bottom line.

  • Change is our constant

    We have a passion for learning and improving, because what we did yesterday isn't good enough for today or tomorrow.

  • Empathy breaks barriers

    By putting ourselves in our customer's shoes, we achieve win-win outcomes quickly.

  • Bird's Eye View

    We look at the big picture over a long term horizon to deliver our best and plan for the future

  • Let Innovation Lead

    The best ideas can come from anywhere, so we remain open minded and leave our egos at the door.

Ecogamut's Team Leaders

Geoffrey Guest, Ph.D.

Geoff is President of Ecogamut and is an expert in life cycle assessment and climate change mitigation strategies. Dr. Guest is also an associate for Green Analytics consulting as their Senior Life Cycle Analyst. Dr. Guest has worked extensively with industry partners where he procured life cycle inventory and held LCA workshops. His growing number of LCA and climate change related articles are published in a wide range of scholarly journals. He has also gained experience at the graduate and undergraduate level teaching course material and supervising thesis projects of students on the topic of LCA. He received his B.ASc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, his M.Sc. in Eco-technology and Sustainable Development from Mid-Sweden University and his Ph.D. in Industrial Ecology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where his research focus was on life cycle assessment (LCA) and the climate change impacts of renewable energy systems with a focus on bioenergy.

Nathan Vadeboncoeur, Ph.D.

Nathan is a Strategic Advisor and Climate Adaptation Lead at Ecogamut. Dr. Vadeboncoeur is an expert in climate change adaptation and risk analysis. He is the western Canada Lead Author of the Canadian Coastal Climate Change Assessment at Natural Resources Canada, and has led projects to help communities understand and plan for climate change risk. His work includes helping communities assess the impact of coastal flooding and to develop indicators of community vulnerability and response capacity. This includes the development of a sea level rise impact model that integrates digital elevation, cadastral and a climate change data for the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. Winning a number of scholarly awards, he received his B.Sc./B.A. in Psychology/Anthropology from the University of Illinois, his M.A. in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from the University of B.C., and his Ph.D. in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from the University of B.C.

Andrea Diaz, M.Sc.

Andrea is Vice President and Research Analyst for Ecogamut and is an expert in communicating complex sustainability issues and systems to various stakeholders. Andrea has completed a number of projects on a range of topics including sustainable waste management, ecoproduct design, sustainability indicators and social life cycle assessment. She is most passionate about initiating activities for stakeholders that add value not only to an organization but also to society and to the environment which we are all a part of. She received her B.Sc. in Industrial Design (first class honours) from ICESI University and her M.Sc. in Sustainable Development from Polytechnic University of Catalonia and with a Minor in Industrial Ecology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


We are always looking for new talent to join in the leadership of Ecogamut. If you discover potential in working with us don't hesitate to contact us today!