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Carbon Footprinting create or get up to speed with your organization's or community's carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is like a life cycle assessment in terms of the climate change impact created from your activities. An increasing number of communities and organizations are taking responsibility of their carbon footprints by quantifying the annual life cycle greenhouse gas emissions that are a consequence of doing business and/or consumer demand. Once measured you can make reduction goals and track your progress.

Track your performance

As the adage goes, you cannot mitigate what you do not measure. Once you start measuring your carbon footprint only then can you begin to set realistic mitigation targets that you can work towards while measuring your progress. You will then quickly realize what policy, technology and service changes are required to meet your multi-year goals. Whether you are an organization or an entire community we follow the most widely accepted greenhouse gas accounting protocol available.

Reap the side benefits

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions almost always equates to cutting other things as well, such as other non-climate change related environmental impacts, and energy and material consumption, which in turn leads to potentially significant economic savings. Undertaking your carbon footprint year upon year provides you with another angle of looking under the hood of your organization or community offering new perspective to save you money while simultaneously becoming more environmentally friendly.

Be innovative and don't get left behind

A growing number of organizations and communities are voluntarily choosing to undertake their carbon footprint. Still, the vast majority of organizations and communities pay little attention to the carbon footprints that they create. It is important that you lead by example by using the most recognized carbon footprint protocols available. It is especially important to take responsibility of your carbon footprint at this vital time in our history where climate change mitigation can still mean something.

Show the community you care about the environment

In this highly connected and environmentally conscientious global society it is becoming ever more important that you understand how your impacts fit in with the bigger picture. Your clients, customers, important stakeholders, and community on a whole are watching your every move. Therefore, lead by example and disclose your carbon footprint and ongoing climate change mitigation achievements to the world.

Carbon Footprints for Organizations

Whether you're a small, medium or large business, a government agency, a university or other institution we can set your organization up with customized calculation tools that enable you to calculate your carbon footprint efficiently and systematically year upon year. As you retain higher resolution data, the calculation tool allows you to quickly incorporate this new data into the model. Here are some specific services we offer when getting you up to speed with your organization's carbon footprint:

Setting your organizational boundaries;

Identifying and calculating your greenhouse gas emissions;

Tracking your direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions over time;

Managing your inventory quality;

Setting future short and longer term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Carbon Footprints for Communities

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol recently published an improved standard for communities to undertake their carbon footprint. Whether your community is a small town or a big city, your carbon footprint matters and this latest protocol is the perfect way to bring your community up to speed with its carbon footprint. Here's a list of the main services Ecogamut can offer your community:

Help cities develop a comprehensive and robust greenhouse gas inventory in order to support climate action planning;

Ensure consistent and transparent measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions between cities, following internationally recognized greenhouse gas accounting and reporting principles;

Enable city inventories to be aggregated at subnational and national levels;

Demonstrate the important role that your community can play in tackling climate change;

Building Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios

Both at the organization and community level, we can help you translate how your short and long-term policies, retrofits and technologies will affect your greenhouse gas emission trajectories into the future. We can create customized calculation tools that will allow your organization/community to quickly understand the costs and climate change mitigation benefits across a suite of development scenarios.

Reporting Annual Results

Apart from calculating your carbon footprint we can also deliver the results in a concise annual report for either internal or external purposes. For example, if you choose to disclose your annual carbon footprint to the public we can prepare a customized report at whatever level of detail you are comfortable with. This includes the following:

Identify key metrics, such as material weight or transport distance, that are pivotal to your impacts;

Produce indicators that are specific to your carbon management requirements;

Clearly illustrate how you plan to achieve your carbon footprint reduction goals over time.

Verification and Training

If your organization or community already have an annual carbon footprint calculation procedure in place, we can be made available as third party verifiers or simply offer you our expertise on how to make your greenhouse gas accounts and calculation tools even stronger. We also offer customized training opportunities that allow you to maintain high quality in-house personnel to calculate and report your annual carbon footprint.

Start your carbon management strategy today.

Integrate your carbon management into your longterm strategy.

Show your stakeholders that you are taking responsibility of your climate change impact.

Showcase community projects that are helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce energy costs while you simultaneously mitigate climate change.

Visualize your potential carbon pathway futures.

Take your carbon accounts to the next level.

Follow the leading carbon footprint standards.

Identify information and knowledge gaps to better establish research priorities surrounding your carbon footprint.

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