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Climate Change Adaptation understand how climate change will affect your community

Even with the most ambitious climate change mitigation scenarios in place, we are still likely to face significant increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme climate related events. At Ecogamut we can help you better understand the potential socio-economic impacts of a changing climate. Whether your community is prone to increased flood risk or draught, we can help you assess the best adaptation strategies to undertake.

Understand how future climate change will impact your assets

The Earth's climate is changing, with observed changes in air temperature, precipitation, sea level, snow and ice cover and other indicators. These changes are likely to persist with or without a climate agreement and this means impacts to our natural resources, economic sectors and our health will increase substantially. There is growing scientific consensus that extreme weather events will increase in frequency and/or intensity as the climate continues to warm. It therefore makes sense to assess your potential impacts, whether negative or positive, if you were to undertake business as usual, in order to decide if adaptive measures are necessary for your business or community.

Get informed whether your business or community should undertake adaptive measures

Once you gain a quantitative sense of how climate change will impact your assets and economic productivity due to changes in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events you can assess whether it makes sense to adapt to climate change in order to minimize the expected impacts. Adaptation enhances the social and economic resilience of businesses and communities and continued action will help to build capacity, address information needs and overcome challenges. Hazard, risk and vulnerability assessment and economic cost benefit analysis can be performed to determine an optimized course of action. If it brings more social, economic and ecological value to put in place a series of adaptive measures, then your community or organization will be better off in the long run.

Plan your long-term strategy on how you can adapt to climate change

Even with the most aggressive global mitigation efforts put in place, additional impacts due to climate change are unavoidable due to inertia in our climate system. This climate change momentum will be something that humanity has to deal with for many centuries to come. Therefore, it is worthwhile to plan well into the future so that you are prepared for whatever changes that climate change may bring to your community's and organization's assets. It is important to keep in mind that ongoing climate change will not be a burden everywhere and in fact it can be seen as a benefit in many regions and of course there will be tradeoffs to consider.

Show your stakeholders or community that you are aware of the potential impacts

The general public, land owners and key stakeholders are becoming evermore aware of the already noticeable impacts due to climate change and the impending impacts expected in the short to long-term future. Reporting quantifiable and high resolution impact assessments and disclosing potential risks will give your stakeholders added confidence in your leadership and responsibility in tackling one of the greatest challenges of our day. Undertaking such an analysis will enable you to pinpoint and notify owners of key assets in your community or value chain and this will enable them to adapt appropriately in order to maintain a highly resilient economy and society.

Quantify Economic Impacts in the Absense of Adaptation

Within the initial step of engagement we can work with you to determine the most relevant climate-related extreme events that you should consider. We focus on the expected direct damages to your organization's or community's assets and corresponding loss in economic activity that results from the given damaged assets. Once your assets of interest are highlighted we'll go to work to gather the necessary climate and socio-economic data to undertake the analysis. As an end product we'll provide you with an estimate of the economic impact attributed to climate change that your business or community is likely to expect over the future time horizon considered. Here's a list of specific services available:

Quantify at asset specific resolution the impacts due to extreme climate-related events across several return periods;

Quantify at asset specific resolution the expected annual damage due to extreme climate-related events;

Determine how future climate change will alter these impacts (due to return period specific events and expected annual damage);

Impacts can be measured in monetary and employment metrics;

Integrate the impact analysis with your community Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment.

Assess Adaptation Strategies to Minimize Impacts

Once you have a sound understanding of the potential impacts that climate change will likely have on your community or organization under a business-as-usual (i.e. no adaptation) scenario we can assess several adaptation options that can be employed to minimize impacts. By doing so we can compare the expected costs due to damages under the no-adaptation scenario to the costs of putting the adaptation measure in place along with any residual damages that the adaptation measures are unable to avoid. This service area includes the following:

Assess a suite of adaptive measures in terms of how they can reduce expected damage costs due to extreme climate-related events;

Perform a climate change scenario analysis illustrating how impacts change under several possible greenhouse gas emission pathways;

Assess the cost-benefit performance of each adaptive measure to ensure it makes economic sense to pursue;

Develop a detailed climate change adaptation action plan.

Research and Summarize Available Resources that Matter to You

There are plenty of reports, scientific articles, and data repositories to inform you of the potential risks that a changing climate will have on your community or organization. We can sift through all of the available material that is relevant to you and summarize in an informative way.

Report Results to Your Stakeholders

It is important to convey to your community and stakeholders that you are aware of the potential impacts that climate change may have on your assets. We can help you get the message across with science based results and dynamic data visualizations that will enable the public or select stakeholders to quickly grasp the potential extent of the impacts that can be expected from extreme climate related events both with and without a changing climate and across a number of climate change and adaptation scenarios.

Prepare your community for climate change.

Integrate climate change into your Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis.

Prepare your company for climate change.

Plan your long-term climate change adaptation strategy before it's too late.

Provide your community with reassurance that you're actively aware of the risks that climate change imposes.

Clearly and concisely understand the climate change and adaptation literature that matters to you.

Economically optimize your future by knowing what adaptation measures make financial sense.

Provide your stakeholders with confidence that you are actively hedging against the potential threats of climate change.

Understand with high resolution which assets are most vulnerable to climate change.

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