Ecogamut helping you achieve your sustainability goals

What we do:

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment is a hollistic cradle-to-grave approach for understanding the environmental impacts of virtually any product or service. LCAs can cover a number of impact metrics like climate change, acidification, water footprint, and human toxicity potential. At Ecogamut we are at the frontier of LCA methodology enabling you with high quality LCAs to fit your organization's particular requirements and goals.

Carbon Offsetting

Within many jurisdictions there are either dedicated carbon markets or voluntary carbon markets. A carbon market connects greenhouse gas polluters to proponents of green (i.e. above the norm) projects where carbon offsets can be verified and revenue can be generated. Ecogamut can help you every step of the way to connecting you to the carbon offset revenue that your green projects deserve.

Carbon Footprinting

A carbon footprint is like a life cycle assessment in terms of the climate change impact created from your activities. An increasing number of communities and organizations are taking responsibility of their carbon footprints by quantifying the annual life cycle greenhouse gas emissions that are a consequence of doing business and/or consumer demand. Once measured you can make reduction goals and track your progress.

Climate Change Adaptation

Even with the most ambitious climate change mitigation scenarios in place, we are still likely to face significant changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme climate related events. At Ecogamut we can help you better understand the potential socio-economic impacts of a changing climate. Whether your community is prone to increased flood risk or draught, we can help you assess the best adaptation strategies to undertake.